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Stage 1 +25-30HP
Stage 2 +60-70HP
Stage 3 +85-100HP
Stage 4 +130-150HP
Stage 5 +180-200HP
Street +250-275HP
Race +450-500HP
Street +250-275HP
Race +350-375HP



Factory LT4 Supercharger

Vengeance Racing has five levels of performance packages available ranging from mild to extreme to meet your power goals while retaining GM’s OEM LT4 supercharger.  Our performance packages start with three levels of simple bolt-on modifications that will increase incoming air flow, increase boost levels by overdriving the supercharger, and lastly increase air flow out of the engine on Stage 3.  These bolt-on packages allow for like-stock drivability keeping the car mild mannered on the street, but a monster on the track!  If you’re still looking for more performance, our Stage 4 and 5 packages let our technicians dive into the valvetrain of your engine as well as offer a CNC ported supercharger and cylinder head package on Stage 5 to further increase air flow and efficiency in your engine, and provide that signature sound that everyone loves from an aftermarket camshaft in these engines.  Both Stage 4 and 5 packages offer the most performance output possible on pump gas with the stock supercharger in place while still keeping reliability and street manners at the forefront of the performance results.  These packages can also be taken to the next level with optional racer packages that VR offers including but not limited to methanol injection, E85 compatible fuel systems, drivetrain and suspension upgrades, and much more.  Make sure to consult your sales associate to see what further options are available from these already powerful packages!


ProCharger Supercharger

If you’re tired of losing races at the drag strip and peak RPM performance is at the top of your “needs” list, then our Procharger packages offer just what you need to take home the “W” at your next race.  Procharger offers a full line of centrifugal supercharger upgrades for the ZL1 Camaro that range anywhere from 700 to 1,000+ HP with the right supporting parts in place on the engine to meet the most demanding of power goals.  These kits replace the OEM LT4 supercharger with a Procharger sheet metal intake manifold (other options available) and add on their patented bracketry system available in both 8-rib and 10-rib configurations to handle whatever pulley and boost level you’re needing to meet your goals.  The Procharger system will reduce some of the low-RPM torque but do provide a more linear power band to help the car gain traction on your launch, while also increasing the ability for huge peak RPM horsepower numbers with less chance of heat soak.  This is the ultimate in performance packages for the ZL1 that cannot be beat at the drag strip or for driving on the street.  These packages are completely customizable and performance will vary based on the final combination chosen, so make sure to consult your sales associate so that we can recommend the best package to fit your performance goals!


Whipple Supercharger

Are you looking to have that extra performance edge over the competition still running stock superchargers on their ZL1 Camaros?  Are you wanting a unique look under the hood to impress your fellow enthusiasts at a car show?  Then look no further than our package offerings including a Whipple 2.9L supercharger upgrade for your Camaro ZL1.  These packages focus around a max-performance build combination, but replace the limited 1.7L LT4 supercharger with Whipple’s much larger counterpart.  The Whipple supercharger is 2.9L in displacement and offers a more efficient supercharger that creates more power per psi of boost, better cooling of intake temperatures, and a much louder sound at wide-open-throttle.  This is the ultimate upgrade in performance to maintain tire melting torque in the low – mid RPM range, and increase the ceiling of power limitation substantially over what the stock supercharger is capable of.  Our highest package has been as fast as 9.40 ET’s in the ¼ mile at over 148mph on a 17” drag radial while still being able to drive to and from the grocery store on the weekends.  These packages are completely customizable and performance will vary based on the final combination chosen, so make sure to consult your sales associate so that we can recommend the best package to fit your performance goals!



Vengeance Racing offers fully insured high end auto enclosed transportation to & from our facility. Contact us for additional information.
Vengeance Racing offers numerous options that are vehicle/transmission specific such as shifters, badges, aero packages, performance wheels/tires, etc. 
If these packages do not meet your specific needs, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your goals.
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