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Sometimes, our customers can tell the best story...



I put in an easy and gentle 200+ miles on the car the next day with a trip to Loudon, TN for the Corvette Expo. It’s a smooth and forgiving car for drivability, also pretty incredibly tame with the butterfly valves closed on the exhaust for intestate travel without drone. I was representing the shop with a nice Vengeance Racing decal on the back glass at the Expo, and I answered more than a few questions on the components, and about Vengeance Racing. I ran the car on “The Tail of the Dragon” (318 curves in 11 miles) at the end of the day on Friday. I paid for it in tire wear, and a permanent grin on my face from a badass exhaust sound that resonated from my Z06 as I rolled through the tight mountain curves on the Dragon. I think I’ll be hitting the track at Commerce tomorrow night for more fun. I have been driving the car every day this week and it is performing flawlessly. It’s a great package that you guys put together for me! Thanks again to you and the entire team for all the hard work and effort.

Best regards,
Mike Ellington


Ron and David,
I just wanted to l extend a big Thank You to Vengeance Racing (Josh, Brandon, and Mike) and let you know how happy I am with the results. I have been in sales for over 25 years and know that you can buy a great product, but coupling that with a great experience is more rare.

I had a general idea of what I wanted and learned a lot through your website. You helped me to realize my vision more than I could have hoped. Thank You for your help, patience and responsiveness.

The weather, traffic and cold tires prevented me from running too hard, until yesterday. The power comes on with urgency and the sound coats you inside and out. The dyno sheet really helped me to understand shift points(which I had been doing all wrong before). The MGW shifter is phenomenal and takes literally no time to get used to. The engine compartment looks great and the car is running like a beast.

The C7 is a great car to start, but you took my car and made it extraordinary and I respect the work your team performs.
I know you have a ton of customers that feel the same way, but in case you have someone like me that is considering the NA stage 4 package, I would tell them about my experience. If you have a website you want me to post comments to, just let me know and I will be happy to contribute




To all of Vengeance,

I knew two things going into this build...that your shop and staff had a reputation for being dedicated to customer service and that you had extensive experience building vehicles that far superseded what I'd want to do with mine. From a depth perspective, both of these things were important to me as I think other institutions who operate on a larger scale seem to have lost sight of some of this.

I fly through Atlanta frequently so perhaps on one of those trips I'll take some time to drive out to the shop and meet you guys. I hope you and yours have a great Christmas!

Doug Rose




After 3 disastrous tuners and $3000 I had enough and decided to pay almost that in transportation to send you my car. To say it was worth it is an understatement. The professionalism of you all was top of the line. The constant updates to me about the progress of my vehicle was mind blowing. Nobody provides service like this in almost any business, but Vengeance does. The ease of payment and setting up the appointment was as simple as it gets. The whole process was literally perfect. On top of all of this when the car came back it was absolutely perfect. Exactly what I asked for and performs flawlessly. Everyone was so nice and not that fake nice you get these days. The attention you showed was incredible. I'm just a regular guy and you are all used to dealing with big spenders I'm sure, so to see that attention for the little guy was impressive. All in all probably the best experience with a business in my life. Thank you all so much.

Sincerely-Joshua Thompson





Just wanted to take a second and let you how much I appreciate all the hard work that went into the car it looks great!! I also appreciate the delivery method of like no other haha bringing it out and putting it on display was very impressive to say the least! And still can’t believe I ended up with a trophy that was the icing on the cake there…..Jey won’t admit to it but it had a lot to do with the tire shine he was bitching about;)

All kidding aside Jey went above and beyond what I would expect a great fabricator to do and I appreciate Ron & Jey both for being able to put up with a million questions from me to without snapping. I have to add that Jey did a brilliant crash course on the car’s in’s and out’s yesterday and gave me a ton of info to take in; he can also take credit for the 5lbs I lost while we were going over all that in a 110* car. Everything considered the whole project would not of been a success without a team group effort so from the shop to the office to the owner everything flowed like it was suppose to, you guys get along great, work very well together, and it shows in your work. I really appreciate everything you have accomplished and I’m looking forward to getting the build broke in and back to you again…..already have a list of stuff for you next time you see it.. Guys have a great Monday and we’ll talk soon!!! Thanks for everything!!

Drue Macready





I just wanted to thank you for how you and the VR crew have taken care of me . I know I'm not a huge customer and I haven't spent a ton of money with you guys, but you all have been great. I can't thank you enough for saving me a spot to park at the last event you hosted and for exceeding my goals on thi s last go around of mods. I was beyond impressed when I got my car back. Not o nly for the new found performance, but for it being washed and vacuumed out.

I felt like family the first day I came there for a shop tour before I even had my V. I really look forward to working with you in the future and hopef ully one day having the fastest hand controlled V. Thanks again!

Thanks - Bryan Hart






"I was referred to Vengeance Racing by a friend who is a manager at a local Ford dealership, but it's also a GM guy.
I wanted to replace the clutch in my 2000 Corvette with a C7 clutch. I called two local Chevrolet dealers and tried to explain what I wanted installed and did not feel confident that they could accomplish what I wanted done.

I called Vengeance Racing and spoke with David, who explained in great detail, exactly what I needed, how long it would take and what the cost would be. David also advised me that work was done by appointment and that work would commence as soon as the car was brought in. After speaking with David, I knew I was in the right place and made the appointment to have the work done.
My wife and I brought the car from Northwest Georgia and on arrival met with Brandon who gave us a tour of the entire facility, which more than solidified my confidence in Vengeance Racing.

That same afternoon I received an email from David updating me on the progress of the car including pictures of it on the lift. The car was finished ahead of schedule and when we picked it up, all work performed on the vehicle was explained to us in great detail. Not only was the work performed exceptional but less expensive than both quotes by local Chevrolet dealerships.
I would not hesitate to recommend Vengeance Racing to anyone who requires professional and exceptional work performed on their vehicle.

Best regards,




As a business that works with Vengeance Racing this is by far one of the best performance shops in the country for modifications to your late model Corvettes, Camaros, Cadillacs and GM trucks. The shop is well organized from management to the techs work stations. Each of customers cars are cared for and protected when working on to ensure that your baby is safe. On the performance side of things these guys know exactly what to do to make these fast cars go faster for any application you're looking for whether it's daily driving, street or track racing... Vengeance Racing is NUMBER ONE!

-Jason Kotch

Gearhead Flicks




They lowered my Trans Am and did an awesome job. I loved the fact that there was no confusion and everything went as planned.

Highly recommended.

Lindsey D



The folks at Vengeance are top notch! Excellent customer focused staff and ownership. I have nothing other than positive things to proclaim about this organization. I strongly recommend them to anyone looking for solid performance results along with real value for your hard earned dollars.

Keep up the great work guys!!


Jim Black



Just wanted to take a minute to say I appreciate all the assistance from Ron, David and Brandon at Vengeance Racing gave me in purchasing my performance parts and having them installed. I'm new to the CTS-V world and he took the time to give me a bunch of useful tips for the car. In the performance market, it's refreshing to have someone that you can count on to not only stand behind their work, but provide exceptional customer service as well. There is another performance shop about 15 mins from me, but everything I have read on the CTS/Vette fourms said Vengeance are the guys to deal with. Honest and stright forwad and do exceptional work on the cars. 
Vengeance Racing have consistently out performed their competition and exceeded in my customer expectations! They are worth the drive and have cars coming in from all over the US. They are professionals and know what they are talking about. Thank you Brandon, Ron and David...

*09 CTS-V Harris



I can't say enough good things about Vengeance Racing. From day one I was not only treated like a valued customer but also as a friend. I'm not new to the automotive performance world and have dealt with many different shops over the years. And unfortunately have had my share of bad experiences. We've all been there. Who knows what's really in that high dollar motor you purchased. So obviously I had my apprehensions when it came to my 2008 Z06. From the start I quickly realized they run a performance shop the way it's supposed to be done. It's rare that you find a shop that does quality work, even more rare to find one that operates on an stand up "Do the right thing" basis, and impossible to find one that is both. Well you've found the complete package with Vengeance Racing. They do not hesitate to go above and beyond to make sure you are happy in every aspect. I'm proud to say I've not only found the last performance shop I'll ever need, but also made some great friends in the process. Many thanks to Ron, Kevin, Jey, Mike, Kirby, Joe, David and the rest of the Vengeance family.

Greg Schroll



I cannot express how happy I am with the results on the Vette! Ron Mowen and his crew at Vengeance are top notch. I was by far not the guy dropping the most money there this week but you would have never know it by the way they treated both me and my car. I live less than 5 minuets from the shop and I was up there quite a bit while they were making it faster. It personally drives me nuts when people hover over me when I am doing my craft so I tried not to be a pest (I just wanted to learn a bit more and what better place to loiter to do so) but not once did I feel anything bet welcome. The shop is extremely well organized and clean.
I drive this car a lot! I went directly from picking it up at the shop to sitting an hour of rush hour Atlanta traffic and had zero issues with it. For those worried about street manners with a cam here is your choice. If you cannot handle this one you need to have your pants checked for something you may have lost. The bumper to bumper stuff was no problem and there is no surging at all over 1400. Honestly I cannot recall her surging at all.

Wanted to send a special thanks to Buddy for wrenching on her, David Crunkleton for putting up with my questions and drive by's, Mike for the wicked tune and Ron Mowen for running a stand up shop!

Ron Whitling



I've been taking my '05 C6 to Vengeance Racing within the first few months of their opening. They have done everything on my car ('Bessie')from porting and polishing the throttle body to installing a killer 413 CID LS2 stroker engine. Through all of those times, I've never had a bad experience. I'm 'brand loyal'. When I get good service and am treated fairly - I'll keep coming back. Ron, Mike, Kevin, David and crew are consummate professionals. A lot of companies talk the talk but don't walk the walk - Vengeance Racing does both with a huge dose of quality work, product knowledge, and fair pricing.

Al Grant



I got in touch with Vengeance Racing to look at the damage that was done to my vehicle after another company had performed some simple repair work to my 1998 Corvette. I visited their shop and met with both Ron and Kevin at Vengeance Racing and I was immediately impressed with their knowledge and passion for performance cars and after touring their shop it was easy to see that I made the correct decision letting them perform the work that was needed. Every part of the process went smoothly and they were very thorough in keeping me informed on first of all the estimate to repair my transmission and clutch with high quality replacement parts, when the work would be completed, and then had my car put on their Dyno and tweaked it a bit to maximize the horsepower. First rate company with a passionate owner and this really resonates with all of their employees and it shows all the way up to washing and cleaning my vehicle prior to me picking my car up after the repairs were complete. I trust them to do the right thing and they are always on the cutting edge of the latest technology available to their customers.

-Bob Schultz



I had my 2010 Camaro modified at Vengeance. They took my car from 400HP to 650HP I am very pleased with their professionalism and customer service. We had a few issue with my car at first but Ron and his crew never gave up and got all the kinks worked out. I would recommend them to anyone looking to modify their car. These guys know their stuff and keep their promises.


Big shout out to all the guys at Vengeance Racing for building me one bad_ss CTS V.

If you're looking to do any performance mods from basic bolt on's or a full blown build now or into the future, I highly recommend giving them a call. They are a first class operation top to bottom and take pride in taking care of the customer like no other in this business. I just did the Stage V package on my daily driver and it's a monster and drives like a charm. Everything went without a hiccup and as scheduled. They started on Monday, and finished on Friday.

Don't waste your time going to another performance shop that will offer you a discount rate to lure you in. You will pay for it in the long run.

-Chip Kappen




I've done business at Vengeance many times over the past several years. Before I decided on Vengeance, I did a lot of research on several performance shops. Vengeance transformed my C6 Z06 in incremental stages from 452 RWHP in stock form to the 751 RWHP beast she is today. I started with the Stage III performance package and made 600 RWHP. A year later I came back for a Supercharger and high performance fuel system for another 151 RWHP. My experience with Vengeance has been superb. This business is run with integrity, honesty and customer focus. Everybody from the owner, managers, technicians and tuners are serious racing performance addicts. Vengeance employees have to be top notch to make and stay on the team. Everywhere you look in the Vengeance shop you see the signs of professional excellence, like the spotless shop work areas, the quality tools and equipment and of course all the bad to the bone street and race cars with license plates from all around the Country. My Z runs and performs better than I could have expected and I'm proud to have the Vengeance Racing sticker on the back window. I'm lucky to live within a few miles of the shop so Vengeance does all my routine maintenance on the Z and my Chevy Duramax truck too. Once you're a part of the Vengeance family you're also invited to regular customer oriented events like track days, car shows, charity events and even barbecue. So, no matter if you are looking for a little more performance or a lot, Vengeance can provide a plan to meet your goals within your budget. Whether you live close to Atlanta or across the Country I recommend Vengeance Racing for your performance projects. Check out their reviews, hundreds of other satisfied customers agree.

Ken Sponsler



When I lost my 2010 Z06 to a lady texting while driving a Suburban my world was really shaken. I believe things happen for a reason and for me one of the single most exciting things that I have participated in is the entire process of having my 2013 Grand Sport brought to Vengeance Racing for my E-Force Supercharging system. With only 6 miles on the clock, the car was picked up at Hendricks in Duluth and carefully trucked by Vengeance. I received delivery of my car just before Memorial Day and every single promise made was kept. The work was perfect and there was not a single mark anywhere on the car. Opening the hood and seeing my Edlebrock Supercharger on the LS3 was awesome. The fact is that Ron and all of Vengeance was as happy and proud as I was. I watch Velocity on TV constantly and I honestly believe that this process was my little piece of heaven.

People stop and admire the car and always ask if they can take photos of the car and especially the engine. I respect and admire the Vengeance team and spirit. My 630 horsepower runs and performs flawlessly. Steve Moore Chevrolet here in Charlotte has an excellent service department and everyone there was impressed with the work. I am far from being rich but my car will run with the best.

Thank you Vengeance.
Frank DeRoberts



I would like to take a few minutes and provide some feedback on Vengeance Racing.

I came to Ron and Vengeance Racing in 2011 and asked for advice on building a 2007 Trailblazer SS, shooting for 1000 AWHP. Ron took the time to talk with me via phone as well as e-mail and answer questions, bounce around ideas and come up with a plan that was what I wanted to bring to reality. This was done while I was deployed to Afghanistan, mind you, but it was like they were right next door as far as communications go.

There are a lot of great shops out there, and a lot of talented people, it took me a few months to research, look over feedback, ask others, etc. and I am glad I settled on VR.

Through the whole build, Ron and his shop were right there, keeping me updated on progress, answering my questions and e-mails, making me feel a part of what was happening.

When I came back to the states, they were finishing the build, so I visited the shop a few times while waiting for it to be completed. Everyone there was always great and would stop to talk and give a few minutes from their busy schedules, showing me some of the fun they have there on a daily basis building and working on some amazing cars.

This is a custom build, and there are always issues, but after the delivery and even a half year of having her, Vengeance has been there the whole time. Ron is always asking how things are. If I have a question, they answer it, if I need something, they make it happen. I could go into detail on how Ron and the guys are, how they take pride in what they do, and the results of their hard work. Rest assured, they make it happen, above and beyond.

Would I recommend them, MOST DEFINITELY! I can't say enough about Ron and the guys at VR. I welcome anyone who has questions or concerns about choosing Vengeance, to talk to me. I will be glad to set their mind at ease and let them know no matter what they are having done or built, it will be done, done right and the support is second to none.

Dave Klunk



Simply put the results from the work you performed on my 2013 ZL1 Camaro are FANTASTIC. The torque curve is unbelievable and the entire project exceed my expectations! The engine bay looks like it came from the factory!

Jay Slater | Dawsonville Ga



I just picked up my car from Vengeance Racing last night. My experience could not have been better. Ron, Mike, Kevin, Ryan and Joe are all top notch people. I know the rest of the employees are as well, but these are the ones I personally dealt with. I had full ARH exhaust, cutouts, Stage II camshaft, and underdrive pulley as well as a complete tune done.

From the very first phone call, I felt welcome and Ryan was willing to answer every question I had, even if I had asked it before. He never seemed impatient with me, even though he probably wanted to choke slam me a few times.

Joe did all of the work on my car and you can tell he is passionate about what he does and will go the exhaust mile tosure the job is perfect and done on time.

Mike did the tuning and was more than willing to answer every question I had about it. He made sure everything was right and safe, but not leaving anything on the table. He will give you a balls to the wall tune if thats what you want, but I listened to his recommendations for a safe, streetable tune and left one happy camper., with a big SEG on my face.

Ron kept everything on track and was there to answer any questions I had.

Vengeance delivered on every promise they made. From getting the car in the shop quick, quality of work, to delivery and the power it made. Theyre a four hour drive from me and probably not the least expensive shop in town, but I dont care. With service like this, my car will not go anywhere else for upgrades.

If youre considering any mods to your pride and joy, do yourself a favor and call these guys up, you wont be disappointed.

Mickey Wheeler | Columbia SC



My Z06 is a 2007 with 21,000 miles and our of warranty. I am the third owner. The car is all stock and it had no issues with engine noise or oil on the plugs. I plan to keep the car so I wanted to do something about the dropped valve issue. I have had many years of trouble free driving, but I did not want to gamble. My friend, Any K in Chapel Hill, NC, felt the same way. Andy bought his car new (2007) and has never had any issues, but he wanted to be proactive on the guide wear issue. After CLogans post on CorvetteForum I contacted Ryan at Vengeance Racing in Cumming Ga about doing the same thing Logan did. Andy and I thought about it for a week and then put our deposit down and we had an appointment for the 25th of February.

We arrived at Vengeance Racing at 9:15 Monday morning and went over the work with Kevin and Ryan. They were going to start mine first as I had the longest drive home. Kevin felt they could complete both cars by Tuesday afternoon. My was was 100% stock and so was Andy's. We were both getting the LS7 WCCH cylinder heads with tumble polished intake valves / stainless exhaust valves / bronze guides and stage II porting. We elected to put in new Comp Cans lifters and I had CHE rockers and Andy went with Comp Cams Trunion Upgrade. I also added the Haltech CAI (103). We also elected to have Vengeance tune the cars.

Fast forward to Tuesday afternoon. My car was back together and on the dyno. Andy's had the heads on and they planned to finish by the end of the day. My car baselined at 442/426. After the tune, new stage II cylinder heads and Halltech CAI my car was at 501/470. I do not have Andys actual numbers, but his baseline was around 472HP and 496 after.

My engine actually sounds the same as before or maybe a little quieter. The drivability is better as a result of the tune. I got about a mile to the gallon better mileage on the way home. I was very easy on the car on the 575 mile trip to Atlanta. I drove it like it should be driven on the way home. No question on the SOTP power increase. I would give Vengeance an A+ on their work and service. I tried to work with 3 shops that were in the VA and NC area. Their prices were in the ballpark as Vengeance, but all required the car to set while my heads were shipped to WCCH. Two required for the car to sit outside. Vengeance Racing is very professional and no hidden surprises. They even washed my car in 40* weather after all was done. As a side note, when I got there I started covering my front fenders with blue tape. Ryan came out and said they cover the fenders with protective film. I should have known. Thanks again to Vengeance Racing for such an easy solution!!!

Mark Conrad | Virginia Beach, Virginia



About a year ago I decided to do some performance modifications to my Corvette Z06. I started research on the corvette forum, talking to other members and searching multiple websites. After several recommendations and a trip to Georgia to meet with Ron, Mike and the Vengeance Team I sent my car and had a LS7 440ci stroker engine installed with all the bells and whistles. Through the entire process I was thoroughly impressed with the team and the shop. They kept me informed, answered all my questions and listened to my input and suggestions. With that said, I'm headed back for round two of additional modifications, 200 shot direct port system. I cant say enough about working with Vengeance Racing - Quality Work, Excellent Service and Customer Focused.

Eddie Blackwell | Huntsville, Alabama



I'm over whelming Pleased with all of the Quality Parts and Support that Mike and Ron at Vengeance racing has helped me and my 99 Corvette Coupe Project 11.50. I started out with Ron late last year with a Package in mind to run my Coupe in the 11.90 Index class with some Room to spare But still keep it Streetable and without going overboard. Ron did just that. With providing a Custom ground cam , Trick Flow 220cc milled heads and top it off with the Vengeance Fast 92 Ported Intake and Throttle body , fueled by 36lbs injectors. Still some Yella Terra and what do you get when to Put That All Together... A Gigantic Smile when We got to the finals and won our First event and then Runner Up at the next race... Still Like Ron Said , The Coupe runs All Out 11.50's with room to spare in the 11.90 Index. Living in Canada everything was sent promptly and to all of my satisfactions. Just wish I lived closer to them so I could go out and show off my Coupe at the track with them !!!

My Thanks to Mike and Ron at Vengeance Racing for making my project work Just Great !!!

Vengeance Racing Rocks with Service and Customer Care...

Dan Filinksi | Canada C5



After meeting the Vengeance team at the 2010 Camaro5 Fest, I knew these guys were professionals. We talked price and options for the work I wanted to have done and the price could not be beat. Upon arriving at the shop, I was surprised by how friendly and knowledgeable the whole staff was. The expertise and quality of work was excellent. They even went above and beyond to fix a problem that another “tuner” had created. This place is one stop shopping and the guys at Vengeance are true gearheads. This is evident by their own daily drivers which are a testimonial to the kind of commitment and passion they have for the industry.
Robert S. Leonardo | 2010 Camaro SS/RS



On Monday morning September 27, 2010 I dropped my car off at Vengeance Racing. On Friday afternoon October 1, I drove away. My car went from a stock 400hp L99 2010 Camaro to a 650hp supercharged Camaro. Not only was a supercharger installed, but the camshaft and timing gear were also replaced along with the springs, pushrods and lifters. This is known as an L99 to LS3 conversion.
Boosting the horse power was not the only thing I had done. The complete exhaust system and air intake were replaced with American Racing Headers long tube headers with cats, Borla Touring cat-back exhaust and a CAI Inc, cold air intake. Vengeance also replaced the swaybars, endlinks, and trailing arms and put on four coil over shocks all from Pfadt Racing! So, not only was performance enhanced, but also the handling. All was done professionally and I am very pleased. I highly recommend Vengeance Racing to anyone looking for a great performance shop in the Southeast.
Bill McDonald | Franklin, Tennessee



After having a local guy tune my car for the past 3 years and having constant issues, I decided it was time for a change. I didn't feel comfortable having anybody else local tune it because of other people's experience's that I heard. After 3 months of reading and talking to other people I decided it was time to load the car up and take it to VRD. I took my car down to Vengeance back in Nov of 08 because I was having severe issues with my tune in my car. So bad that I never drove the car because I'd be sooooo pissed off. The car was detonating on a 150 shot, pushing coolant, never idle, buck, surge in all gears, idle would rev to 2500rpms coming off the hwy when the clutch was pushed in, just a real mess. As soon as I pulled up to VRD, I was impressed. Shop full of badass cars, extremely clean and organized. I knew I was in good hands, but now I REALLY knew. After spending 2 days with them, my car left making 45RWHP more than the previous tune and had perfect drivability. I could actually drive the car around town and enjoy it. Mike, Ron and Charlie went above and beyond what they had to do to help me out while I was down there to get my car done. Sadly, 2 months after I got back home, I had a house fire and lost my camaro. I never got to take the car to the track to see the gains. Fast forward to today, I bought a newer camaro and guess what, it's in VRD's hands getting a new motor and a bunch of other things. If anybody reading this can relate to my horrible experience's, pick up the phone and call them, VRD won't disappoint you!!!!!!!!
Dan B | St.Louis, Mo | 2000 Z28, 2001 SS



Vengeance is the best of the best. They can tune anything and build anything. Ron provides great customer service, the best out there. Mike did a great job on tuning my car. If you are scared to run your car hard then take it to Vengeance because Mikes tune's are bullet proof. If you feel there is more in your car, then there is, so take it to Mike and you will be surprised. If your car drives like crap then have Mike tune it. Also thanks to Buddy and Charlie for all that they did to my car.
Jake | Twin Cities | 2002 Z28



Won't give you the long written out version of my experience with the guys at Vengeance! I figure I can sum it up in a few words. If you're looking to make your car do what you always dreamed of and want it done by guys that share the passion and treat yours as if it was there own, then stop playing around and take it to Vengeance, period! Oh, they even changed my wiper blades! Thanks guys! See you soon!
Anthony | Columbus, GA | 2002 Camaro SS



Ordered a Nitrous Outlet standalone from ron today at vegeance and he gave me a killer deal. I try to order everything i can from ron becouse he always gives me great deals and gets it to me quick.. Thanks again ron and it def wont be my last transaction i will have with you guys.



Last Friday my friend (mattl31) and i both ordered cams, springs, and pushrods from Ron at Vengeance after calling and bugging him 4 or 5 times asking opinions and pricing. He took our order at almost 6PM, which impressed me, ( i thought they'd be gone). Well Monday my friend gets a call from Ron saying that the dual springs we ordered were back-ordered, so Ron upgraded us for FREE! Aside from having EXCELLENT customer service, the prices we received at Vengeance were the lowest around. On top of that, the cams and everything arrived today in the mail. 2 Days after it shipped! I can't wait to do a tandem install on the cams and hit the track mid-march when it opens. Overall, i would give Ron, and everyone at Vengeance an A++++++++++++ rating. Thanks!



I was looking into buying a Fast92/92 setup but wasnt sure who to go to. Well i called Vengeance Racing up and spoke to Ron and their customer service was top notch, so I decided to invest in their ported Fast 92/92 setup. and i went from having 442rwhp to 462rwhp. That is a 20rwhp gain over an LS6 intake. My tuner says that is by far the biggest gain he has seen with a ported system over a LS6. Guys thanks for putting quality behind your work and you will be getting more of my business. So guys if your wondering who to deal with, give these guys a try.



I really enjoy spending my money with the kind of customer service and friendliness i get from Ron, Mike, Buddy and Charlie... Ron was really patient and answered all of my 1001 questions I had about getting the new rearend (Strange S60) ... He also went out of his way to help me get a set of rims and tires for my car... the crew over at Vengeance is top notch and I look forward to doing more business with them in the future...THANKS GUYS!



After having another shop total my previous car, I was uneasy about letting anyone perform modifications to my Corvette. However, after speaking with Ron and being invited to view their facilities, I knew that my project was in the right hands. Buddy spent countless hours engineering an unorthodox combination of performance parts, and Mike's tuning ability produced a 809 RWHP/755 RWTQ beast that has superior driveability. The service and communication to the customer before and after the sale from Vengeance Racing is unmatched in this industry. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Vengeance Racing for their superior commitment to their customers!
Melissa | Summerville, SC | 2007 Twin Turbo Corvette Coupe



Hands down some of the most knowledgeable and helpful guys in the industry no question about it. Ron and Mike have helped me with every question and concern I've had. There should be more guys like this in the industry. Thanks guys!!
Eric T. | N.Y. | 2003 Z06



My experience with Vengeance has been a good one. I went to them with a goal of building a 11.5 sec car on bottle and they produced one that could do it on motor. They put together a great package and their support after the sale has been a great experience as well.
Dexion Kornegay | 2004 GTO



I sent the V to one of the most reputable shops on the East Coast for the build, Vengeance Racing. These guys know their shit and impressed me, especially after I made it down there and checked out their setup. They have the cleanest shop I have ever seen in my life!! These guys built my V right!!! Thanks Vengeance Racing!!! If you’re interested in their shop give them a call and speak to the Ron Mowen.
Cowan Gilmer | 2005 CTSV



When I wanted to have some performance work done on my Z06, I had no idea who I would use. I don’t just trust my car to anyone, plus I am a very anal person! I had talked with a few people at car shows, who recommended me to some shops in Georgia. I wished at this point in time that I had heard of Vengeance Racing, it would have saved me a great deal of time and stress. I visited quite a few shops and I have to say I was not impressed. I kept seeing dirty shops, inexperienced staff, just plain non-professional people and some shops looked as if they were about to go out of business. Each shop had 1 to 4 bragging rights cars, but when I would talk with some of their customers, I would hear a ton of horror stories. It was then I knew that I was going to have to send my car out of state to have it built. I was at a car show and walk by a Trans Am. It really caught my eye because the engine compartment looked really clean and awesome. All the nitrous lines, fuel lines, wiring, and motor was installed perfect! I got to talking with the guy who owned the car and he told me that Vengeance Racing had built his car. He gave me the phone number and told me to ask for Ron. I called Vengeance on Friday afternoon and told Ron that I would like to come by and see their shop. I explained to him that due to my business travel, Saturdays would be the best for me. He told me that they were going to Macon to race that night, but he could meet me Saturday. I knew that it was going to be a late night for them, so I was really moved that Ron would come in on his day off. I went over there the next day and met with Ron. From the moment I walked into the shop I was impressed. The shop was clean and organized. All the cars I saw were not just bolt on cars, they were built Turbo, Supercharger, Nitrous and NA cars. By seeing the parts they use and seeing the quality of the builds, there was no doubt that they knew what they were doing. Ron was up front with me and he was not arrogant. At the end of the visit I told him I would have to get back with him after I had a chance to see what I could do money wise. Later that day I read everything on the web about Vengeance. I couldn’t find anything but happy customers. There were some cases with issues, but EVERYTIME Vengeance stood behind their work and made it right. It was several months before I could pull the trigger, but in that time, Ron would e-mail to see if there was anything he could do. I dropped my car off a few months later and the rest is history. I am completely satisfied with Vengeance Racing! There were some setbacks with my build, but everything came together and worked out for the best. Ron did a great job putting together a great combination, he is the man! Buddy is an excellent mechanic! He pays attention to every detail and he knows his stuff. Mike is not only a Master Tuner, but a great mechanic! The whole Vengeance team are a Top Notch group of people and very down to earth with a lot of talent! I just wished they had more time to just sit back and shoot the breeze, but I understand they are in business to make a living. Vengeance is not the cheapest shop in town, but when it comes to quality and performance, you don’t want to cut corners. You get what you pay for! The team at Vengeance knows what works and what doesn’t. There is no telling how many hours of R&D they have spent. With Vengeance Racing, you get the whole package. I am a Vengeance customer for life!
Timothy Scoggins | 2004 Corvette Commemorative Z06



I have been doing business with VR for 2 years now; they are a top notch shop, very professional and knowledgeable staff. They have always taken good care of my SS from the minor to the major. They do exactly what they say they are going to do with prompt timing and very fair pricing and that’s very important with so many other shops out there that are way over priced and under delivered. This is one shop that I can be confident in and trust with my business.
Jeff Smith | Macon, GA | 2007 Trailblazer SS



The Vengeance team is exceptionally friendly and professional. The Vengeance facilities are top notch and their work is outstanding. I've brought my car to them several times and always been very satisfied with the results. Whether you are a gearhead or don't really know your way around under the hood, the guys will take the time to talk to you about your car and explain the whole process. They really care about their customers and the cars. They have great knowledge of GM engines, and know how to get the most out of your car. The bottom line is that they can make your car fast... very fast. Beware if you have a heart condition or live near a police station, after Vengenace is done with your car, you won't be able to keep your foot off the gas!
Filip Kowalewski | 2005 Corvette



I was glad to hear that a tuning shop was coming to the Cumming area. I'd not known Ron and Mike before and when I stopped by to see them soon after they opened they gave me a full tour of their shop and shared their plans for building the business as if I'd known them for years. My Corvette is a daily driver and they've helped me build a car that still has good street manners but can also tear up a 10 second quarter mile!! In my experience with Vengeance they have a pretty simple approach to success: do quality work and provide great customer service. The Vengeance Team has done an excellent job of standing behind everything they installed and maintain on my Corvette,and have even opened at night and on weekends to accomodate my work schedule!
David L | 2005 Corvette


241 Castleberry Industrial Drive   Cumming, GA 30040
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