Ask Away!

With so many performance modifications on the market for your late model performance vehicle, choosing the best combination can easily become overwhelming.  Whether you’re building up a weekend track weapon or just looking to add a higher fun-factor to your daily driver there are an abundance of offerings and opportunities available.  Because of this, our sales team welcomes you as the end user to contact us via phone, e-mail, or visit our facility for a face to face conversation so that we can help in guiding you towards the best setup to achieve your specific goals. 

Every driver is just as unique as the vehicles we are modifying, so we take everything into account from vehicle usage to budget and power goals to make sure that your hard earned dollar goes as far as possible without sacrificing quality or reliability.  We have over 15 years of experience not only building vehicles in our shop, but also on paper so that you’re comfortable with both parts and pricing for your performance build.  We look forward to each and every conversation that we get to have with our customers which will ultimately lead to a smile that mimics your dyno curve.  Make sure to contact us today and see how Vengeance Racing can take your ride to the next level!

“Modifications 101” is a great page to read up on the latest performance modifications for todays cars.


We’re currently in the process of creating the best STINGRAY & GRAND SPORT Performance Package combinations utilizing the new Magnuson TVS2650R 2.65L SUPERCHARGER.  

However, if you’re interested in a custom build please contact us through email or the form below.