Since the release of the C8 Corvette for the 2020 model year, our team at Vengeance Racing have been heavily involved in the research and development of new components and services that we can offer in the aftermarket for these vehicles. As we do with any new performance model, we purchased a 2020 C8 for R&D purposes immediately upon release so that we could vet out options prior to releasing packages to the public. Knowing that the mid-engine/DCT platform would lend itself to allowing for easy installation and usage of twin-turbo systems, we quickly teamed up with Huron Speed Turbo Systems to develop the most comprehensive turbocharging system possible for the C8. We have now had this system installed on our vehicle for over a year and have had great results with the fitment and quality! Unfortunately with the inability to still access and calibrate the OEM ECU in the vehicle we have not been able to push the limits of the turbo system, but plan to do so as soon as a complete and viable tuning option is available that allows for complete monitoring and control of all systems that the stock ECU can control. Stay tuned as we make further progress on the aftermarket capabilities and components on the platform!

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We’re currently in the process of creating the best STINGRAY & GRAND SPORT Performance Package combinations utilizing the new Magnuson TVS2650R 2.65L SUPERCHARGER.  

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