One of the hottest performance parts on the market for 2019 is the all new Magnuson TVS2650R supercharger upgrade for the LS and LT engine platforms.  This supercharger has been in development for several years and is changing the game with its massive power potential and sleek design.  We have installed and tested several of these superchargers now, and we are more and more impressed by this 2.6L supercharger every time that we get to use it.  With capability of well over 1,100rwhp and ability to fit under a stock hood in most all applications, the TVS2650R will be a very popular upgrade for today’s performance enthusiasts. 

  • Integrated under-hood LT4 supercharger system
  • New patent pending TVS2650R high flow supercharger
  • Highest efficiency positive displacement supercharger available in the market delivers maximum performance with dramatically lower inlet air temperatures
  • Two massive air-to-water charge air coolers with 85%+ effectiveness
  • Low restriction inlet design
  • OEM validated components ensures consistent and reliable performance
  • Same rotating components as TVS 2650 on GM LT5 engine
  • Fits under the factory hood of Corvette and Camaro
  • No cutting of hood or cowl
  • Requires relocation of coils and /or new valvetrain covers
  • 30% increase in airflow over TVS2300 Heartbeat systems
  • 1,100+ HP capable with appropriate engine upgrades

6th Gen ZL1 utilizing the Magnuson TVS2650R

We recently installed Magnuson’s TVS2650R supercharger on this 6th Gen ZL1 netting some impressive 9.2X ET passes at over 153 Mph with right under 1,000rwhp.  Like most enthusiasts, this was not enough and the customer wanted to see what this combination could really do, so we planned a few moderate upgrades to help in feeding the 2650R more air as well as spin it to a higher RPM to increase overall boost levels. 

Previously running a 9.17” lower pulley which we increased to a DSX 9.45” pulley with an appropriate belt, and then also custom built a 5” cold air intake tube with accompanying filter and interchangeable bell-mouth inlet for track usage.  We also knew that fueling would start to become a restriction at this power level with the OEM HPFP and injectors being used previously, and moved to the LPE high-pressure pump and FIC 30% injectors to ensure that fueling would no longer be our limiting factor.  The results were an impressive gain of over 100rwhp over any previous dyno run, netting a final result of 1,109rwhp and 1,004rwtq on our chassis dyno using C16 fuel, all while still utilizing the stock LT4 bottom end.  These results are far beyond what we could have hoped for, and cannot wait to see the track results at our next test session!

  • Magnuson TVS2650R Supercharger
  • Griptech 70mm Upper Pulley / @DSX Tuning 9.45” Lower Pulley
  • Magnuson 112mm Snout
  • Nick Williams 112mm Throttle Body
  • Vengeance Racing CNC Ported Heads
  • Vengeance Racing Cam Kit – Stage II LT4
  • Kooks Longtube Header System and Connection Pipes
  • Borla ATAK Exhaust System
  • Vengeance Racing Custom RACE Low-Side Fuel System
  • Lingenfelter High-Pressure Fuel Pump
  • Fuel Injector Connection 30% DI Injectors
  • AlkyControl Methanol Injection System
  • Vengeance Racing
  • Trunk Mounted Ice Tank
  • Carlyle Racing 15” Conversion Kit
  • BMR Suspension Chassis and Suspension Components
  • RPM Transmissions 10L90E Transmission Upgrade
  • DriveshaftShop Chromoly Driveshaft


We’re currently in the process of creating the best STINGRAY & GRAND SPORT Performance Package combinations utilizing the new Magnuson TVS2650R 2.65L SUPERCHARGER.  

However, if you’re interested in a custom build please contact us through email or the form below.