Speed Society is the largest automotive network in the world, and every year they offer the general public the chance at winning either a highly modified performance vehicle or $50,000 in cash!  This past year the Vengeance team has been blessed with the opportunity to build not one, but THREE of these performance machines for their giveaways.  Vengeance Racing flew out to California for the first two builds, and the third was built in-house at our Georgia facility, and each one landed in the hands of a very lucky individual.  Check out how we went through the build and giveaway process to provide these winners with the performance car of their dreams!

850HP C7 Z06


1000HP ZL1




1000HP CTS-V


Our first build with Speed Society

The team over at Speed Society are known across the world for their huge “Performance Car or $50,000 Cash” raffle giveaways, and after the completion of the Redline GTR project, they had decided to purchase a C7 Z06 Corvette for the next raffle. Given the car chosen for the build was a yellow Z06, it was a no-brainer that a “C7.R” inspired livery scheme would be the choice for a vehicle wrap, as well as a set of custom ADV.1 wheels to really set off the aesthetics on the car. However, the problem at hand for Speed Society was who to choose to install the performance package for the car, and the solution was Vengeance Racing. 

We were approached with the opportunity to fly out our owner Ron Mowen, lead technician Sean Parker, and tuner Mike Carnahan for one week to complete what would become one of the most powerful and insanely fast rides to come through the Speed Society doors.

We quickly gathered the parts together that we knew would not only make a huge power number, but be something that anyone that won the raffle would thoroughly enjoy. For this, we modified our typical Stage 4 performance package to come up with a unique combination of performance parts that once installed would offer not only peak performance, but reliability and drivability from this manual transmission equipped Z06.


Speed Society C7.R “Inspired” build list

  • Halltech Cold Air Induction System
  • Overdriven Crankshaft Pulley
  • Late Model Engines CNC LT4 Cylinder Heads
  • Vengeance Racing Dual valvesprings w/ Ti retainers
  • Vengeance Racing billet core camshaft- NON VVT/NON DOD
  • Late Model Engines CNC Billet Timing Cover- VVT Delete
  • Vengeance Racing Hardened Pushrods
  • Bushed Trunion Upgrade
  • Katech C5R Timing Chain
  • High performance lifters- NON DOD
  • GM MLS Head Gaskets
  • ARP Head Bolts
  • Kooks stainless long tube header system with 3” X pipe
  • GM MLS Exhaust manifold gaskets
  • Vengeance Racing High Temperature protective heat sleeves
  • Alky Control Methanol Injection System
  • EFI Live AutoCal Scan/Tuning Device
  • 160* Thermostat
  • Dexcool Coolant
  • Royal Purple HPS Oil
  • AC Delco Oil Filter
  • Complete/Professional Installation
  • Custom ECU Calibration
  • Color print out of dyno results
  • VR Limited Warranty
  • Tuned on California Pump 91 Octane for street and VP MS 109 for Race.

Our second build with Speed Society

Speed Society once again welcomed our team with open arms as we made our way back to sunny San Diego just before Thanksgiving to put together an extreme performance package on a recently purchased 6th gen Camaro ZL1.  The goal on this build was to take performance just one step further than the previous Z06 build, as well as offer a more unique underhood aesthetic flare to make the car perform equally well both on the track, and at the local car shows and cruise-ins.  Being that the previous car essentially maximized performance on the stock 1.7L LT4 supercharger, we knew that we had to add something special to the engine to help push the bar even higher on power.  This was done with the addition of Whipple’s all new Gen 4 2.9L supercharger, as well as Lingenfelter’s all new high-side fuel system and DSX Tuning’s low-side fuel pump kit so that we could run up to 15psi on boost on both 93 octane and E85 without the need for methanol injection! 


The rest of the build was centered around our Stage 4 performance package that offers a set of LME CNC ported LT4 cylinder heads, custom hydraulic camshaft kit with VVT-delete thanks to the LME front cover, and a full Kooks header and exhaust system for both flow and sound.  Boost was provided by the Whipple 3.5” upper pulley as well as the addition of an ATI harmonic balancer and DSX Tuning 9.06” lower pulley wrapped by a Gates Green HD supercharger belt to minimize slippage and belt failures.  To cool intake air temperatures at this boost level, Weapon-X Motorsports provided their “Triple X” heat exchanger upgrade kit that substantially lowered temperatures as well as offered quick recovery on the track.  Lastly, our custom billet valve covers were powdercoated in a red finish to match the supercharger and installed with our coil pack relocation kit to really dress up the engine bay.


Once all was said and done, this ZL1 through the 10-speed automatic transmission and on Speed Society’s Mustang dynamometer made a HUGE 744rwhp and 767rwtq on pump gas, and 850rwhp and 899rwtq on E85, again all with no methanol injection!  This is right at 1,000HP at the crank in a very well mannered street car that still retains all of its essential creature comforts, and capable of 9 second ET’s at the drag strip.  To help put all of this power to the ground, we also installed a set of Weld’s all new S79 wheels on the front and rear wrapped in Mickey Thompson drag radials, and added a set of BMR lowering springs to help close up the fender gap.

As mentioned previously, this round of the giveaway features TWO vehicles, both this Zl1 and a heavily modified Mercedes C63 AMG that will make it even harder for the winner to choose between either car or the $50,000 in cash.  However, one listen to the sweet camshaft and exhaust note from this ZL1, or one touch of the gas, and it’s easy to decide on which is the better deal in the package, although we may be a little biased…  


Speed Society “WHIPPLE” ZL1 build list

  • Whipple 2.9L Supercharger Upgrade
  • Nick Williams 103mm Throttle Body
  • Late Model Engines CNC Ported LT4 Cylinder Heads
  • Late Model Engines VVT-Delete Billet Front Cover
  • Vengeance Racing Custom Spec Hydraulic Camshaft Kit
  • Kooks Longtube Header System, X-Pipe, and Full Exhaust
  • ATI Harmonic Balancer
  • DSX Tuning 9.06” Pulley
  • Gates HD Green Supercharger Belt
  • 180* Thermostat
  • DSX Tuning Low-Side Auxiliary Fuel System
  • Vengeance Racing Flex Fuel Sensor Kit
  • Lingenfelter “Big Bore” LT4 High Pressure Fuel Pump
  • Lingenfelter K-DI Fuel Injector Set
  • Weapon-X Motorsports Heat Exchanger Kit
  • Vengeance Racing Custom Valve Covers w/ Red Powdercoating
  • Vengeance Racing Coil Relocation Kit
  • BMR Suspension Lowering Springs
  • Weld Racing S79 Custom Wheels
  • Mickey Thompson Rear Drag Radials / Michelin Front Tires

  • Vengeance PCM Tuned on California Pump 91 Octane for street and VP MS 109 for Race.

Our third build with Speed Society

With the success of the previous builds that we had the honor of participating in with Speed Society, the opportunity came up again to build yet another GM performance vehicle for the sweepstakes series, and this time in the form of a 2017 Cadillac CTS-V!  Our previous builds on the C7 Z06 and Camaro ZL1 included many high-performance upgrades that focused just as much on track performance as they did street manners, however with the Cadillac build we took a slightly different approach by still increasing horsepower, but focusing more on what we considered to be the ultimate performance daily-driver.  When we received the call from Charlie Rose and his team to put together a build combination for the car, we knew that our Stage 5 LT4 package was going to be a great starting point to meet the end goal.

Our Stage 5 package includes many performance upgrades for the CTS-V, but maintains the ability to still use it on a daily basis without overly complicated maintenance or operation requirements.  This package increases overall horsepower on these vehicles by 180-200HP on average while still utilizing high-octane pump gas for fueling and is able to retain the stock LT4 engine bottom-end and 8L90E transmission without much worry of failure.  This package also retains the stock LT4 supercharger but with some CNC work performed by our friends at Kong Performance to increase airflow while still retaining a near OEM look under the hood.  For engine performance we utilized our proven LT4 heads/cam package which uses a CNC port program and valve upgrade from Late Model Engines, as well as our Stage I camshaft profile cut by Cam Motion for great drivability as well as performance.  Supporting bolt-on upgrades that we installed to compliment the engine work included a Kooks longtube header system and full exhaust made specifically for the CTS-V,  a Nick Williams 103mm throttle body,  Roto-Fab cold air intake, ATI balancer, and DSX Tuning overdrive pulley.  Lastly, we also installed additional supporting modifications that, while they do not add any horsepower on the dyno, greatly improve consistency of performance and overall reliability.  These items include an upgraded heat exchanger from Weapon-X Motorsports, and a vented catch can system from UPR.  And don’t forget those coveted Vengeance Racing billet valve covers in the all new “raised letter” design using our coil relocation kit to really set off the engine bay appearance, and an upgrade of painted and vinyl wrapped exterior pieces from our friends at Glasslife Atlanta tied everything together on the exterior of the car!

Once our team worked through the installation process it was time for a base calibration on the rack and mild street driving to dial in part-throttle performance before heading to the dyno for final power numbers. The results were an absolutely impressive 758rwhp and 755rwtq all while still on pump gas without the assistance of higher octane race fuel or methanol injection.  This much power makes for an extremely fun street and track machine that is just as reliable as it is powerful.  This equates to nearly 900HP at the crank which even with the heavier CTS-V chassis will allow the car to out perform most any OEM performance car on the roads today.  Unfortunately the winner of the sweepstakes changed his mind from taking the car to taking the $50,000 cash prize at the last minute, but that just means that this V3 will be back available for another lucky winner very soon!


Speed Society CTS-V build list


Roto-Fab Cold Air Induction
Nick Williams 103mm Gen V Throttle body
Kong Performance CNC Ported LT4 Supercharger
Late Model Engines CNC Ported LT4 Cylinder Heads
Vengeance Racing Stage I LT4 Billet Core Custom Camshaft w/ 32% Fuel Lobe Upgrade – Cam Motion
Brian Tooley Racing .660″ Lift Dual Valve Spring Kit w/ Titanium Retainers
Vengeance Racing 3/8″ Hardened Pushrods
C5R Timing Chain
SD Parts Bushed Trunion Upgrade
Late Model Engines VVT Delete Kit- Includes Billet Cover/Cam Gear/Cam Bolt
Johnson High Performance Hydraulic Lifter Set
GM Lifter Trays
GM MLS 6.2L LT4 Head Gaskets
GM LT Exhaust Gaskets
GM LT Water pump Gaskets
Late Model Engines DOD Delete Plug Kit
ARP Cylinder Head Bolt Kit
GM LS Front Cover Seal
ATI Balancer Kit for LT4
GM Crank Bolt
DSX Overdrive Balancer Lower Ring
Gates GREEN HD 8 Rib Supercharger Belt
Weapon X High Capacity Heat Exchanger Upgrade
180* LT4 Thermostat
Kooks Long 2” Stainless Long Tube Headers/GREEN Cats/3” X pipe/Kooks Axle Back Exhaust
GM MLS Exhaust Gaskets
Coated Header Bolts
Vengeance Racing Raised Letter CNC Billet Valve Covers
Vengeance Racing Custom Spark Plug Wires
Vengeance Racing High Temperature Protective Heat Sleeves
NGK High Performance Spark Plugs
UPR Products Billet Catch Can with AN Fittings
All Required Fluids (Driven LS 30 Oil/AC Delco Filter/Dexcool Coolant)
Professional Installation by Vengeance Racing
Complete ECU Calibration (Street & Dyno) by Vengeance PCM LLC
Transmission Calibration by Vengeance PCM LLC

**Glass Life Atlanta “Black Out” Trim/Emblems**


Vengeance Racing
Vengeance PCM
Kong Performance
Cam Motion
Late Model Engines
SD Parts
Weapon X
UPR Products
Glasslife Atlanta
Driven Collision

Our fourth build with Speed Society

The adage of “if it’s not broken don’t fix it” rings true in many aspects of our industry, so when the team at Speed Society reached out to us regarding another sweepstakes build it was easy to decide just what vehicle platform we would choose.  If you recall back in the summer of 2019 Vengeance Racing was afforded the opportunity to once again assist with the mechanical and calibration aspect of a performance build on a 2017 Cadillac CTS-V that would eventually land in the hands of our now good friend Mike Oliveira.  Mike’s CTS-V was the last of 3 Speed Society builds that we have been honored to be a part of and was found to be the most popular sweepstakes build ever provided by Speed Society.  The performance from the Stage V package coupled with some tasteful aesthetic upgrades truly drove home the “Luxury Meets Horsepower” theme of the car, and the people reacted in a big way!


When Charlie Rose and the team at Speed Society HQ mentioned building another CTS-V we were immediately all-in for the opportunity, but this time we wanted to up the ante regarding performance.  The previous Speed Society V3 featured our Stage V performance package which encompasses a package of the highest quality performance products on the market to maximize both drivability and performance while retaining the OEM LT4 supercharger system.  While this combination laid down an impressive 758rwhp and 755rwtq on the chassis dyno using pump gas, we knew that the LT4 engine in the V3 was capable of handling quite a bit more.


The key component that we introduced on this second CTS-V build was the Whipple Industries 2.9L supercharger system.  This supercharger system provides many enhancements over the stock 1.7L LT4 supercharger including its larger volume and improved design to maximize horsepower as efficiently as possible while providing a better cooling effect to intake air temperatures.  The supercharger was also custom powdercoated to really stand out under the hood of this V3.  To further maximize incoming air to the engine we also installed a full intake system from Roto-Fab as well as a 103mm throttle body from Nick Williams at Williams Performance.  Of course no large supercharger and massive intake system will provide its potential in power without an efficient and reliable valvetrain upgrade.  To tackle this portion of the build our technician Taylor Norris along with the help of Mike “The Wrench” Petruzzo removed the engine from the V3 and installed a set of CNC ported Edelbrock LT4 cylinder heads by Late Model Engines, along with a full “Cam Kit Plus” package from Vengeance Racing.  The Cam Kit Plus included a custom spec Vengeance Racing camshaft manufactured by Cam Motion along with the best supporting engine and valvetrain components available on the market. 

Now that the team had covered incoming air flow we had to allow the resulting exhaust to escape the engine as efficiently as possible. For this our friends at Kooks Headers provided a set of their 2” stainless steel longtube headers and 3” connection pipes that featured a proprietary flange for the Edelbrock cylinder heads. Kooks also provided their full x-pipe and exhaust system to really set off the tone as well as complete the look of the rear of the car with their larger tips. Before moving on to aesthetic mods we had to tackle two final items: cooling and fueling. For the fuel system component of the build we utilized an auxiliary fuel pump kit from DSX Tuning which paired with the increased fuel lobe on our custom camshaft allowed us to retain the OEM LT4 high-pressure fuel pump and fuel injectors to achieve our power goals. The cooling system was upgraded with a full heat exchanger system from AFCO Racing as well as an underhood expansion tank from Cordes Performance.

Finally, we wrapped up the mechanical portion of the build with a few aesthetic modifications to allow this CTS-V to look as good as it now performed both outside of the car and under the hood. Underhood appearance was already enhanced with the powdercoated Whipple supercharger, but a set of our custom Vengeance Racing valve covers and our coveted coil-relocation kit were added to further clean up the engine bay. The car also received a full “black out” package removing all of the OEM chrome on the exterior. And lastly to truly top off the exterior of the car we added a set of custom Forgeline wheels with Michelin tires to not only enhance aesthetics, but also to reduce weight and insure that the winner of the car would be able to utilize all of this extra performance.

Our last component before handing off the keys for this V3 to the upcoming winner was the ECU calibration.  For this we flew in our in-house tuner Mike Carnahan to tackle all of the tuning on the stock CTS-V engine and transmission control units.  After hours of relentless work on HP Tuners to dial in the combination for street driving, Mike headed to the dyno to perfect wide-open-throttle parameters.  During the dyno session we started with fresh California 91 octane in the tank and laid down a strong 801rwhp and 808rwtq.  However, we knew that we were severely limited in the capabilities on this low of an octane fuel, so we went to the team at VP Racing Fuels to provide us with their unleaded MS109 so that we could generate a second calibration to provide the new owner if he wished to increase horsepower as well as safety with this higher-octane fuel.  The result was a staggering 884rwhp on just 15psi of boost pressure!  This new power level would certainly put this CTS-V on a high level against most cars on the streets today while still retaining all of the amazing luxury features provided from Cadillac. 

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions we were unable to come out to Speed Society HQ as we have in the past to participate in the reveal and delivery of the car to the winner Jadon Austin.  However, we were able to connect with Jadon via Zoom and congratulate him on his amazing win as well as go through some of the technical details of operating his new 1,000HP CTS-V.  Jadon was able to spend some time with our friends at Speed Society and really put the car through its paces in California before the car returned to his home in Kansas City, MO.  We’d like to take a moment to thank Speed Society for allowing us to once again partner with them for this amazing experience, as well as congratulate Jadon on his accomplishment!


Speed Society CTS-V Phantom build list


  • Roto-Fab Cold Air Intake System
  • Nick Williams 103mm Throttle Body
  • Whipple 2.9L Supercharger System (custom powdercoated)
  • Edelbrock/LME CNC Ported LT4 Cylinder Heads
  • Vengeance Racing Cam Kit Plus
  • LME VVT Delete and Front Cover Kit
  • Kooks 2” Longtube Headers and Full Exhaust System
  • Mighty Mouse Solutions PCV Catch Can
  • AFCO Racing Heat Exchanger System
  • Cordes Performance Heat Exchanger Expansion Tank
  • ATI Performance Balancer
  • DSX Tuning Overdrive Pulley
  • Gates Green HD Supercharger Belt
  • DSX Tuning Auxiliary Fuel Pump Kit
  • Brisk Spark Plugs
  • Vengeance Racing Spark Plug Wire Insulators
  • Dexcool Coolant
  • Driven LS30 Racing Oil
  • AC Delco Oil Filter
  • Complete/Professional Installation
  • Custom ECU Calibration
  • Tuned on California 91 Octane for Street and VP MS 109 for Race


We’re currently in the process of creating the best STINGRAY & GRAND SPORT Performance Package combinations utilizing the new Magnuson TVS2650R 2.65L SUPERCHARGER.  

However, if you’re interested in a custom build please contact us through email or the form below.