Vengeance Racing Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale

Vengeance Racing Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale


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Vengeance Racing Breaks the 200mph Mark at WannaGOFAST GA 1/2 Mile Shootout!

Vengeance Racing Breaks the 200mph Mark at WannaGOFAST GA 1/2 Mile Shootout!

Phew, what an absolutely incredible weekend of racing with the fantastic WannaGOFAST crew at Heaven's Landing in Georgia. Not one but two of our customer's Corvettes broke the 200-mph barrier in the half-mile, setting them firmly in the record books as the first Corvettes to EVER go 200 in the half. 

But, honestly, that was just icing on the cake. All in all we had over 20 different customers racing each day and saw over 3,000 different spectators come through the venue in that same period. Everyone was amped up, everyone was ready to roll, and the cars were on kill from every group... It was just fun to mix it up with the Lambo, GTR, Porsche, and exotic owners all weekend long AND see our friends set new personal bests. Seriously, if it wasn't for our amazing customers, friends, and families, this would have just been another weekend at the strip. But everyone who came out was in it to win it!

Just look at all of the Vengeance Racing personal bests:

Mike Bramati | C6 Z06 | 203mph - FIRST CORVETTE OVER 200MPH
Randy Hunter | C6 Z06 | 201mph - SECOND CORVETTE OVER 200MPH (no nitrous)
Eddie Blackwell | C5 Z06 | 173mph - WANNAGOFAST N/A RECORD HOLDER
Greg Schroll | C6 Z06 | 163mph


Mike Jacobs | C6 Z06 | 185mph
Norm McClung | C5 Z06 | 179mph
Wayne Marinello | C6 Grand Sport | 170mph
Brian Landfried | CTSV | 168mph
Wade Martin | C6 Z06 | 167mph
Jeff Thompson | VR tuned Porsche 991 Turbo S | 162mph
Scott Moore | 427 Grand Sport Vert | 161mph
David Dewberry | C6 Z06 | 157mph
Shawn Scott | VRSC690 C7 | 155mph
Randy Hunter | CTS-V | 155mph (no nitrous)
Bart Gadlage | CTS-V Wagon | 151mph
Brandon Fuzi | C6 | 151mph
Tim Holzer | CTS-V1 | 139mph
Bill Schulte | 5th Gen | 138mph
Austin Butler | 5th gen | 137mph
Dave Meyer | C5 Z06 | 136mph
Lidia Dewberry | C6 Z06 | 134mph (first and only ½ mile run in her new car)

That's an average speed of 161 miles an hour across all 21 cars, with 10 cars running above 161! On the top of the pile, were these incredible runs:

Fastest Rear Wheel Drive (Saturday) – Mike "SinisTTer C6" Bramati @203mph
Fastest RWD (Sunday) – Randy Hunter (driver Ron Mowen) @201mph
Fastest N/A (both days) – Eddie Blackwell @174mph
Fastest privateer N/A (Sunday) - Greg Schroll @ 163mph

Now, for the pics!

Whipple Supercharged C6 Z06 with VR Heads/Cam Package

Mike Jacobs Twin-Turbo C6 Z06 - 185mph on pump gas and no methanol!

Randy Hunter's Twin-Turbo C6 Z06 - 201mph 1/2 mile

Wayne Marinello's C6 Grand Sport - 416c.i. with A&A Supercharger and VR Heads/Cam Package

Brandon Fuzi's C6 - LS2 with A&A Supercharger

Brian Landfried's nitrous fed CTS-V - 168mph 1/2 mile | World's Fastest Stock Bottom End CTS-V

Austin Butler's KAOTIK cammed 5th Gen Camaro

Wade Martin's SumBich cammed C6 Z06 w/ Nitrous - 167mph

Shawn Scott's VRSC690 equipped C7 Z51

Mike Bramati filling up his SinisTTer C6 before a 203mph pass!

Randy Hunter's Twin-Turbo C6 Z06 preparing for takeoff


SinisTTer C6

Shawn Scott's VRSC690 C7


Randy Hunter's 427c.i. CTS-V

A pair of Vengeance Racing's fastest 1/2 Mile Corvettes battling on the strip


Bart Gadlage's 640rwhp Stage IV CTS-V Wagon!

Greg Schroll's 440c.i. Z06 - WannaGOFAST Privateer N/A Champion (Sunday)

Brandon Fuzi's C6 being detailed by his step son before the race

Wayne Marinello's C6 Grand Sport - 416c.i. with A&A YSi Supercharger

Randy Hunter's Twin-Turbo Z06 Power Plant

Scott Moore's A&A Supercharged 427 Convertible

Brandon Fuzi's A&A Supercharged LS2

Record setters...

Randy Hunter's Whipple Supercharged C6 Z06

Randy Hunter's 201mph run in his Twin-Turbo C6 Z06

Eddie Blackwell's 474c.i. N/A C5 Z06

THANK YOU to everyone who came out and PLEASE let us know if we can help you get up and running to the next half-mile event. We're here to help and we love supporting those who want to go fast! 

Vengeance Racing - WannaGOFAST 1/2 Mile - Texas Edition

Vengeance Racing - WannaGOFAST 1/2 Mile - Texas Edition

We had so much fun half-mile racing with our customers in Chicago that we just had to load up the rigs and head to Texas. Like Chicago, it was HOT but it was also AMAZING. The venue was fantastic, the action was intense, and we had a great time meeting with our friends, racers, and peers in the Texas heat.

The Vengeance Racing crew was out in full force, bringing everything from an All Motor C5Z to our blown C7. Several customers set new personal bests and we were lucky enough to roll back to Atlanta with a slew of awards. Our own C7 ran a best of 171, while Randy's TT Z06 went 186MPH, taking home the fastest sponsor RWD and fastest sponsor manual trophies. Eddie's 474 cubic-inch C5Z reset the WannaGOFAST 1/2 mile All Motor record! There was a lot to see, so we'll just let the pictures do the talking...


Vengeance Racing Wins 2014 Chevy High Performance Nationals All Motor Class

Vengeance Racing Wins 2014 Chevy High Performance Nationals All Motor Class

With a lot of changes to the vehicle's setup, as well as not seeing a track in two full years, Ron Mowen drove the Vengeance Racing Camaro to a WIN at the 2014 Chevy High Performance Nationals at Atlanta Dragway! Vengeance Racing competes in the ERL All-Motor Class with a 440c.i. LSX backed up by a Liberty 5-speed transmission, and packing a set of LSX DR cylinder heads, a LSX block, and LSX DR intake.

Ron's best pass of the day was in the final eliminations, running an 8.44 @ 162mph. Our next event will be the NMCA Norwalk event and Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, OH in August. We will be looking to hold the title strong for the full year!